12 Ton Mini-Press

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  • Frame Dimensions: 6"L x 14" W x 32"H
  • Power Unit Dimensions: 20" L x 24"W x 20" H
  • 110v 20 amp (available in 220v 50/60Hz)
  • 6" Stroke 
  • Speed: 3.5 IPS
  • Manual Hand Control for responsive control while forging 
  • Incredibly Quiet in use, great for small shops, neighbors etc
  • Extremely compact and easily movable
  • Can be mounted down or up-acting
  • Replaceable bronze wear plates on slide

      Our 12 ton press is built to provide an economical and compact option for those working in small spaces. Mount to a bench top or stand, in either down-acting or up-acting configuration. Running on household 110v 20 amp outlet allows you to take the press anywhere in the shop and even outside with an appropriately sized extension cord. Because the press is so quiet there is little concern working in a residential setting. 

      Select dies included with your new machine, flat dies, drawing dies or both. Our simple 2-bolt die attachment means making your own dies is easy and economical.

      Select hydraulic hose length between the power pack and forging press. Standard 24" will allow you to mount the power pack next to your press. Extended 60" hoses will allow you to remotely place your power pack away from your press - such as under a work bench or inside a fabricated stand. Hoses are braided stainless for wear and heat resistance. 

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      Shipped by UPS in 2 separate boxes. DHL for international.  

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