12 Ton Mini-Press
12 Ton Mini-Press
12 Ton Mini-Press
12 Ton Mini-Press
12 Ton Mini-Press
12 Ton Mini-Press
12 Ton Mini-Press
12 Ton Mini-Press
12 Ton Mini-Press
12 Ton Mini-Press
12 Ton Mini-Press
12 Ton Mini-Press

12 Ton Mini-Press

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  • Frame Dimensions: 6"L x 14" W x 32"H
  • Frame has built in mounting plates - can be mounted up or down-acting
  • Power Unit Dimensions: 22 3/4" L x 18 1/2" W x 20" H
  • 110v 20 amp 
  • 6" Stroke 
  • Speed: 3.5 IPS
  • Manual Hand Control for responsive control while forging 
  • Incredibly Quiet in use, great for small shops, neighbors etc
  • Extremely compact and easily movable
  • Replaceable bronze wear plates 

      Our 12 ton press is built to provide an economical and compact option for those working in small spaces. Mount to a bench top or stand, in either down-acting or up-acting configuration. Running on household 110v 20 amp outlet allows you to take the press anywhere in the shop and even outside with an appropriately sized extension cord. Because the press is so quiet there is little concern working in a residential setting. ( avg. 70 decibels)

      Purchase either H13 Flat H13 Drawing Dies with your machine and save! Or order with a Blank set and our simple 2-bolt die attachment means making your own dies is easy and economical.

      The press comes FILLED WITH HYDRAULIC OIL - you no longer need to order the oil separately!

      SHIPPING VIA TRUCK FREIGHT: We are now shipping our 12 tons fully assembled, on pallets via truck freight with a lift gate.

      If this is an issue for your area please contact us at SHIPPING@COALIRON.COM

      See images above for how your press will arrive! 


      LEAD TIME:  1 WEEK

      Why choose us?

      Made with fiery american spirit

      Since our founding in 2015 we've relentlessly strived to craft the best quality forging-presses on the market. We couldn't be more proud of the products we offer, as artists around the world use our machines to forge their incredible work. When you buy a Coal Iron Works press you're not simply buying a tool, you're joining a family of worldwide craftsmen & women who never give up on the pursuit of excellence.


      If you wanna move metal fast, you're gonna need a Coal Iron Works Hydraulic Forging Press! I can't recommend them enough! Easy to use, changing dies only takes seconds! This is the one piece of equipment in my shop that I can't do without. I highly recommend them!

      Paxton @50.50forge

      We love our press, it opened a whole new world of possibilities in making pattern welded steel. We tell anyone who asks about how much our 25ton has done for our work and the phenomenal customer service. Highly recommend it for anyone looking to take their hobby or career to the next level.

      Martin & Leo of RedForge LLC