Digital Press Controller
Digital Press Controller

Digital Press Controller

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Automatic forging press control system. Includes everything to retrofit your Coal Iron Works forging press into an automated forging machine! Gives the operator the ability to set upper and lower stroke limits for excellent repeatability no matter the vintage of your Coal Iron press!

Software Modes:

  1. Manual Mode for set up and joystick control
  2. Spring Return Mode for easy multi-size forging
  3. Auto-Cycle Mode for FAST planishing and dimensional accuracy of billets
  4. Punch-Cycle Mode for consistent punching operations, set depth and retract limits on the fly

Download the current software version HERE 

Watch how to Update your DPC HERE

Retrofit Systems include:

  • Digital Controller with Touch-Screen
  • Magnetic Encoder for mounting to any style slide assembly
  • Joystick Control with magnetic attachment
  • Foot Pedal movable anywhere around the machine
  • Coal Iron Works Controller Software V1.0
  • Full manual valve replacement kit - Solenoid stack, mounting bracket to install on 16, 16+ and 25 ton Coal Iron Presses. 12 Ton mounting will need to be customer provided - we do not currently offer a 12 Ton series kit. 

Dual Foot Pedal available


FACTORY INSTALL: If the DPC-V1.0 is added to your cart with a 16, 16+ or 25 Ton Forging Press the controller will be installed on your forging press in the factory.

PLEASE NOTE: We do not currently offer the DPC for the 12 Ton series press. It can be used, but the mount and installation will need to be provided by the customer installing. If there is interest moving forward we will add the 12 Ton Series press to the mounts offered.

DOUBLE SIDED SERIES: Double Sided Press installation/retrofit is available through custom order, contact for information. 

Third-Party/Home Built Press Compatibility: Coal Iron Works is unable to assist with application specific installations. However, this DPC may work on many styles of Hydraulic Press with customer provided mounting and hydraulic hose routing from the existing cylinder to the solenoid valve. The software, controller and peripherals are warrantied on this product, however in a customer applied use case the hydraulic components provided cannot be warrantied on anything but a complete Coal Iron Works hydraulic press.