Forged Rose - Zach Herberholz Feb 10th

Forged Rose - Zach Herberholz Feb 10th

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Join instructor Zach Herberholz for a course on FORGED ROSES!

Saturday February 10th 9am-5pm at the Coal School of Iron in Anderson Indiana!

Join us for a captivating blacksmithing experience as we delve into the art of forging a stunning rose from raw materials. This one-day class offers a blend of traditional blacksmithing skills and contemporary methods, providing a unique opportunity to create a timeless symbol of craftsmanship and beauty—a forged rose that embodies both technique and artistry.

This class is intended for couples!

A purchase of this class will ensure 2 seats instead of 1. Plan on working closely with your partner throughout the process.

This is a BEGINNER level class! Suitable for all ages and skill levels!

Participants will dive into hand-forging, texturing, and tapering the stem, while crafting the petals from 18-gauge sheet metal. Using a welder, they'll attach the textured petals to the stem, and for those interested, create optional thorns. Lastly, we will employ a torch to delicately heat, shape, and refine the petals, breathing life into the handcrafted rose.


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