These are a lot of questions we get asked about our presses and some of the information and uses for them. For all other inquiries related to the general use of the machine, they can be sent to

12 ton and 16 ton presses can be shipped in America as 110v on a 20 amp breaker or 220v and connected to a 30 amp breaker (internationally all presses must be shipped 220v 50Hz 1PH). There is no performance difference between a 110v and 220v aside from 110v offering most people more mobility within their shop.

16+ and 25 ton presses run off of a 220v and connected to a 50 amp breaker.

All of our presses are capable of forging pattern-welded damascus/mosaic steel. You can see how this works by following a few of our favorite makers who are currently on a 12 ton set up.


These are our most common shipping questions. For all other inquiries related to the shipping of our machines, they can be sent to

YES WE SHIP INTERNATIONALLY!!! Please Email with your full mailing address for a quote. We are unable to get a quote with just a city and country. 

Lead times varry between press models, so be sure to check the specific press model page you're looking at for details on lead times.

All delivery dates and times are scheduled between you and the carrier, once we release the pallet they will contact you and schedule delivery windows.

Presses are shipped on a pallet and full of oil.

All presses are delivered via semi. These drivers are third party carriers and will not pull into a driveway or unpaved road. Delivery will be made from the road, the driver will use a pallet jack to deliver to your door as long as you have a paved driveway. 

12 tons are ready to plug and play. All C-Frame presses come with casters, which will need to be attatched to the base of the press.


These are some common questions about service and warranty. For all other inquiries related to service and warranty, they can be sent


We offer a 1 year warranty on every product we produce. This warranty covers manufacturing defects exposed throughout normal wear and tear. 

We offer full service support via email at and will respond to you as soon as possible in the avenue best suited for your issue.


While ordering through our website might be the best option for many of our customers we also are able to take payment over the phone. Feel free to call us @ 317.203.9635.

We do not offer payment plans outside of the Affirm option at check out.


We currently are not accepting orders on custom presses or dies. Due to resources on hand we are unable to commit to products outside of our current production schedule.